Your profile picture is the most important part of your online dating site as it serves as the first impression and determines whether your profile will be given closer attention. You also need to add some other pictures probably 3 to 5. There are several things you need to consider for better selection of profile picture.

The face is one of the central expressions of our personality, therefore, you should ensure that your face is clearly visible in the profile picture. You should always choose a profile picture in which you like the way you look for the purpose of in yourself and your profile. A nice profile picture that doesn’t match your personality will only create a problem in future when you try to leave up to the picture. Don’t go for a profile picture with an unrecognizable face. For example, whether it is hidden behind a mask or sunglasses or buried under tons of makeup. A profile picture that exposes your cleavage or your washboard abs from above may look attractive but before choosing the picture you should ask yourself what you really want. Be aware that such pictures tend to attract more one-night-stand seekers than Mr. Rights.

When selecting the other pictures, the same rules as for your main profile picture should apply. Additional of these pictures gives you more option on how to present yourself. Variety is the main thing here and it is always good to have more variety of pictures that conveys your personality. Snapshots from your life, selfies, and full body shots are great choices to show that you lead an interesting life and most potential partners will be attracted and become curious about becoming part of that life. Don’t display your nude pictures unless you want to a purely sexual contact. The more skin you photos exposes, the more affair lovers, one-night-stand seekers and sexual adventures your profile will attract and this will make it difficult to know the serious candidates and those just looking for fun.

Profile Picture Do’s

  • Authenticity
  • A full body shot is included
  • Using a profile picture that you like
  • Expressing your personality
  • Your face is clearly visible

Profile Pictures Don’ts

  • Nude pictures
  • Group pictures
  • Blurry pictures
  • Your face is hidden behind sunglasses, a mask or too much makeup