About DatingAdvisor.sg

Our Mission

Our main goal we as DatingAdvisor is to ensure those using dating sites in Singapore have a reliable and updated review on this sites. So as to help them evaluate which sites suits their needs best. This is made possible after a careful analysis on the existing; dating apps, singles sites and matchmaking sites. The reputation of these sites is put into test and comparisons made to ensure that we give the best advice to our readers in Singapore.
Based on the numerous comments from our readers, we not only give our readers a market overview but it is our goal to give practical tips to these readers. Tips that will boost their chances of actually succeeding in getting a partner on this online dating sites!

Focus points

Rating of dating sites

Using a variety of user profiles we focus on determining the probability of success in new sites. Comprehensive analysis of these new dating sites is done and it’s only when we are satisfied that the result is appealing shall we generate a report.

Tips for online dating

Our goals are to ensure new users have a better experience. It’s no longer a secret, considering the fact that online dating is anonymous, more than often there are many corns and fakes with a prime purpose of trapping new users. It is here that our experience comes into play as we strive to ensure that we give tips on how to get dating apps and sites without holdbacks and in a faster way.

Studies and background information

We understand the core importance of having the knowledge on both the international and regional trends; it is for this reason that we often evaluate the market based on these principles. For instance, we may focus on a particular theme say mobile dating.

In Numbers


Our Team

The Editorial Team

Having a good editorial team is our prime focus. With a team consisting of people passionate about the internet, people with a professional background in dating online and most importantly familiar with all the gigs on these sites. Our team is the best, comprising of journalist and freelance editors, we can comfortably say we are proud of them. We also value our readers’ feedback, either a bad or a good experience. All are welcomed.

The Initiators

Artur: Works closely with the dating providers enabling in the disclosure of things that need to amended and discovering innovations right on time
Philipp: Handles internal organization and operations.
Florian: This is our technology expert; ensures that the servers are functioning well and that everything runs smooth on our website.

More than often I get the question; which is the best dating site? But, there is no specific answer to this question. It all depends on with what you aim to achieve from these sites. Either: Big Love, adventure, flirt…

Head of the editorial team

Ratings and Commissions

What is even more appealing to us as DatingAdvisor is that we publish our reports and experiences at no cost. Yes, we give overviews to interested parties and individual for free.

We can’t deny getting commissions. These commissions come from these online dating sites. However, in order to ensure this has no influence on our evaluation, we ensure that an identical commission is negotiated with all the providers. It is these commissions that enable us to run operations in our website and most importantly pay our journalists and editors.

It is our duty to recommend a dating site. However, we are accustomed to recommending sites where the user gets to try it without being charged first. This will enable them to evaluate if the particular site suits their needs or not. We also only receive a commission after the user finds the site to suit their needs and decides to pay for it. We hence try as much as possible to evaluate these sites based on a particular target group. For instance; we can give a regional recommendation after evaluating the number of users that a particular dating provider has in a given town. This ensures we recommend sites that are best suitable for our readers.