With Tesla and other companies working to produce the first ever self-driving car, autopilot vehicles are closer to our future than ever. And with self-driving cars, users will have more options on how to spend time doing other things rather than driving.

With the extra time you will have in the car that would usually be spent driving, there will be a plethora of options available. Together with the casual dating service Fuck.com, DatingAdvisor asked men and women about their views on the topic.

The concrete question was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

About 70% of the people interviewed answered with some variant of having more sex.

Other answers included reading, catching up on TV shows, relaxing, and enjoying the ride. But the most popular answer, reigning in at 70% of female’s and 72% of male’s participants want to have sex while driving.

The future of self-driving cars looks sexier than we imagined! But the idea behind, like most fantasies, isn’t new. Even with today’s modern vehicle, sex in a car is a popular option.

We asked a selected group of individuals if they have already had sex in a car, without the aid of autopilot.

Road Head: Passenger Pleases Driver

1 out of 4 people who participated in our survey has been given road head or another variant of pleasure from a passenger while driving. We’re happy that these adventures resulted in a happy ending instead of the unfavorable alternative.

Reverse Road Head: Driver Pleases Passenger 

6% of our group said that they have pleasured their passenger while driving!

Back Seat Fun

This option is more popular than the previous, with 8% of our group saying that they have had sex in the back seat of a moving car. We are sure that this was a risky, but enjoyable show for the driver just as much as it was fun for the participants.

Self-Pleasure On the Raod

More women admit to ‘scratching their itch’ while driving. Out of all our participants, 12% of the women and 11% of men admitted to masturbating while driving.

Sex on Public Transit

Public sex is a popular risk that people enjoy taking, so it’s no surprise that 7% of our respondents admit to having sex on a bus or train.

Stationary Car Sex

The most popular place to have sex in public is, of course, your own private car. So, it shouldn’t be too shocking that 66% of men surveyed and 62% of women admit to having sex in a parked car. What is surprising is that 1 out of 5 of people who answered shared that it wasn’t as much fun as they had hoped! Probably the seat belt buckles digging into knees and backs making it uncomfortable.